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Los Pirineos

Los Pirineos

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It's time for a once in a lifetime coffee.  You know that coffee that blew your mind and got you into specialty coffee thus; making you a lifetime patron of every specialty coffee roaster you could fine?  This is one of those coffees.  Los Pirineos is the winner of the most Cup of Excellence titles in the world.  They have won over 23 times and will surely rack up some more as time goes on.  So, get it while it lasts!

Los Pirineos is located in the Usulutan region of El Salvador. Usulutan can usually be overshadowed by the much larger Apaneca-Ilamatepec region, as it has a much larger production. Coffees from this region tend to be slightly more complex with regionalized Old Pacamara and Bourbon. 

However, Los Pirineos is a little out of step. This farm has the most COE awards in the world (22), and has very rare varieties planted throughout the farm. Diego's father Gilberto was known for travelling to other remote coffee growing regions and bringing back exotic seeds. 

These varieties have caught the eyes of  world renowned buyers such as Tim Wendelboe, Nordic Approach, Morgon Coffee Roasters and The Barn Coffee Roasters. 
Orange Pacamara is a mutation on Red or Yellow Pacamara. Just like Orange Bourbon, Orange Pacamara  has its own flavor profile. Even the cherries taste different! This coffee offers a lighter yet full bodied flavour that gives Pacamara its classic flavour, with a new twist. 


Variety Orange Pacamara
FOB Price 7.50 USD/lb
Farmer Diego Baranoa
Fermentation 48 hours
Altitude 1450 masl
Region Tecapa, Chinameca, El Salvador
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