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Chalo Fernandez Decaf

Chalo Fernandez Decaf

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Chalo Fernandez is a 5th generation coffee farmer.  He is an intelligent and charismatic person.  I met with him out in Pickering where he stores his coffee that he grows in Colombia and then imports to Canada for us to enjoy. 

His farm is amazing.  They are constantly experimenting and growing.  Each year brings a new anaerobic or aerobic process that brings out new flavours and exciting dynamics.  This years EA decaf is sweet, floral, and textural.


 Country Colombia
Producer Chalo Fernandez
Region Huila, Colombia
Process Fully Washed, EA decaf
Drying Dried on raised beds
Altitude 1450-1600 masl
Varietals Castillo
Farm Gate Price $6.50 CAD
Flavour Notes Sweet florals, cacao
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