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Three (Espresso)

Three (Espresso)

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Roast Style:

Light (210 degrees celsius)


Salaverria Family, Cerro Las Ranas


San Fransico


Juayua, Sonsonate, El Salvador

FOB Price:

$3.40 usd/lb


1450+ masl


Pulped Natural.  

Brew Methods:

Espresso, aeropress, french press


Rose, dark chocolate, orange, watermelon

"Cerro las Ranas means 'Hill of the Frogs'.  The reason the area is called this is because it is situated on an old volcano that has a small lagoon on top.  In this lake there is an abundance of frogs.  For this reason, conservation is very important for the Salaverria family.  They take many steps to ensure that coffee production does not negatively affect the ecosystem.

That is not the only reason that this farm is special.  The farm itself is named San Fransisco for the hybrid tree that was developed there called HSF.  This hybrid of Bourbon and Pacas boasts the acidity and high quality of the Bourbon varietal whilst also having high yields like the Pacas varietal.  Thus we get a really interesting coffee that is amazing as a filter coffee or as an espresso."

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