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One (Light)

One (Light)

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Roast Style:

Light (206 degrees celsius)


Juan Ramon Diaz


Ojo de Agua


Jalapa, NIcaragua




1370 masl


Natural, Dried on covered patio.

Farmgate price:


Brew Methods:

Filter, Espresso.


Soft jasmine, dried apricot, tobacco

"Finca Ojo de Agua has been in in the Diaz family for 35 years and its humble beginnings during the aftermath of the war-torn years in Nicaragua is a constant reminder to Juan Sr. of the fragility that was at the core of his dream project. It is this understanding and gratitude that has pushed the family to be relentless in their vision and not compromise in its potential, both as a prosperous family business, but also a establishment in the community that provides ample work for the local inhabitants. 

Their attention to detail and commitment to improvement is evident in the gradual growth of their farms, and the plans they are developing where the focus is on producing only specialty coffee, even if the required varietals are lower yielding and more at risk to rust diseases- it is a risk they are confronting with the utmost confidence and faith.  For this reason, the Diaz family is growing this wonderful Gesha coffee.  Gesha is generally a very finnicky plant, producing very small amounts of fruit with exceptional quality. 

This quality will be obvious to you when you try this delicious, yet reasonably priced coffee."

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