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Sigri Peaberry

Sigri Peaberry

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Fully traceable coffees represent 8 - 10% of all PNG coffees. Most coffees from this origin are produced from regional smallholder parchment that is brought to the mill already washed and dried. These coffees are only traceable to the mill and drying of these coffees, in particular, is typically very inconsistent. Fully traceable and rigorously processed coffees are not the norm for the origin. In addition to better cup quality, Sigri Estate provides all pickers with free housing on the estate and free elementary schooling for their children on the estate.


 Country Papua New Guinea
Farm Sigri Estate
Region Western Highlands
Process Washed. Three day ferment broken every 24 hours with a wash then a 24 hour soak
Drying Dried on raised beds
Altitude 1600 masl
Varietals Typica
Farm Gate Price $2.40 USD
Flavour Notes Chocolate, blackberry, vanilla, lemon. Medium syrupy body with lime zest acidity

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