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Jose was born in the Nariño (in the west of the country, bordering Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean). He met his wife Martha when he was very young and then they decided to move to the Huila for a better future. Jose and Martha have two children who help in the processing and are motivated to keep their family tradition alive and becoming a high-quality coffee production team. Nestor, the oldest son, is a Q grader and is dedicated to harvesting exotic varieties and different processes.

This Chiroso is an example of the exotic varieties that they offer.  It is an absolute gem in the world of savoury coffees.  With really interesting stew-like maillard qualities and a beautiful lemon-lime acidity this coffee pairs great with breakfast sandwiches and sausage rolls.  Give it a sip!  You will regret nothing.

 Country Colombia
Farm Finca El Diviso
Producer Jose Uribe Lasso
Region Pitalito, Huila
Process Cherries are fermented anaerobically for 48 hrs. They are then de-pulped and fermented an additional 36 hours in anaerobic tanks.  
Drying Sun-dried on covered patios
Altitude 1700 masl
Varietals Chiroso
FOB Price $8.05 USD/LB
Flavour Notes 7up, rosemary, ginger, pine, beef stew.
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