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Cerro Buena Vista

Cerro Buena Vista

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At the foothills of Costa Rica's highest peak, Lica Torres is growng an interesting varietal of tree.  The Milenio varietal is not often grown in Costa Rica because it only grows well above 1300 MASL.  Since Lica's farm is above this height they decided to take a risk and plant this varietal.  

The results are a bright, winey coffee.  This coffee is going to be great for your summer drinks as it is refreshing and clean.  Enjoy! 

Farmer Name: Lica Torres
Farm Name: Finca Los Pinos
Country: Costa Rica
Region: Chirripó
Milling Station: Cerro Buena Vista
Farmgate price: 6.82 USD/lb
Altitude: 1550 MASL
Tree varietal(s) Milenio
Processing (with details):
Anaerobic fermentation
Drying: Sun-Drying: 10 days pre-drying in African raised bed, final drying for 2 days in cement floor.
Flavour notes: Chardonnay, Green Apple, effervescent. wheat.
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